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Published on 8 October, 2022 | 142 views

What is Geft Me?

Geft Me is the launchpad to your latest video, article, recipe, tour, store, website, social post, and other content. We connect your audience to wherever you are online, and make your content more discoverable and easier to manage.

Geft Me is a bio link website where users can create a personal profile and share links to their social media profile and optimising your Instagram/facebook/tiktok traffic or whatever the social media you're use, whether you’re an influencer with a large following, or a business on the rise. It’s the first step to turning your social media / Instagram bio into a lean, mean, clicking machine.

Geft Me is also enables you to shorten long links and analytic the statistics about the visitors who comes from your short link, the country of visitor, device type, browsers, Operating Systems, etc..

Last updated on: 8 October, 2022